I’ve always found it a challenge to introduce myself. Well, my name is Salmon Smith and I live in East London, South Africa. And yes, this is Africa, with all it’s challenges. A beautiful place it is, with it’s diversity at all levels. From our people to our cities to our landscape. We do have some of the most beautiful landscapes and friendly people in the world, and those who have visited South Africa can confirm it. Cape Town being the most known and popular city with it’s beautiful Table Mountain.

Now, I do have two serious addictions – motorbiking and photography. With the combination of the two I travel the back roads of my world where I document what I see and meet all sorts of people with cultures that define our nation. Our ‘platteland’ (rural areas) are rich with history and culture and it’s here where I dwell and photograph what I see. I do not have a specific photographic style or preference but challenge every opportunity being the golden hour or midday. We travel through life, but do not see that every hour of the day has it’s own photographic beauty. Most, no I should rather say all, of my photos will definitely not win any awards but that is not important to me. What is more important is that I enjoy myself as I document life around me for my future generations to see.

Now I have to confess something here. No, I don’t always travel on a motorbike.  My lovely wife and me love photographing these back roads and places travelling in our off-road vehicle. And this also add another dimension to our life.

So, I think that’s it what need to be said. I hope you enjoy my blog as I will update it from time to time.


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